Contact Info

Institution: University of Nevada, Reno

Phone: (775) 784-7582

Address: 1664 N. Virginia St. Mail stop 130, Reno, Nevada 89557, US


Research Disciplines

  • Plants

  • Population Biology

  • Restoration Ecology

  • Plant Classification

  • Invasive Species

Research Interests

  • applied evolution
  • adaptation and rapid evolution of native and invasive species
  • genetic variation


  • Native seed collection to find plants with broad environmental tolerance to use for wildlife habitat restoration
  • Great Basin Fire Exchange
  • Supporting the National Seed Strategy with Research and Technical Support


I am interested in the population biology of plants. I work on local adaptation and rapid evolution of native and invasive species, and am interested in how genetic variation (below the species level) affects the distribution and abundance of species. I also work with plant-animal interactions, and am currently interested in how nutrients and herbivory interact to affect competitive relationships between plants. In addition to my work on plant population biology, I do projects that gather basic ecological data about rare species, natural communities, and invasive species control, providing information that is necessary to make appropriate management and restoration decisions.


  • BA, 1996, Lewis and Clark College
  • PhD, 2004, University of California, Davis; Graduate Group in Ecology