May 20, 2022 9:00 pm



The National Park Service (NPS), through the Interior Region 1, North Atlantic-Appalachian History and Preservation Assistance Office, requires the performance of research and writing of a Historic Resource Study (HRS) Addendum for First State National Historical Park (NHP) located in Delaware. The initial HRS was completed in 2019 and comprised of two major sections of historical overview: 1) History of the Brandywine Valley, and 2) Early settlement and development of the state of Delaware. This addendum project will address one of the primary research suggestions of the initial HRS – the addendum will expand the African American history context. We intend to use fiscal year 2022 funds for this project, approximately $100,000 including the CESU overhead rate of 17.5 percent. A detailed study proposal and cost estimate is requested at this time. Project award will be subject to the availability of funds. Only universities and institutions with a CESU $0 (Zero-dollar) Master Cooperative Agreement are eligible to apply. Contact Julie Ruiz at for required documents, if interested.