Ecology Assistant, Mojave Desert Network

MOJN has developed and standardized monitoring protocols to collect scientifically rigorous data on a prioritized set of vital signs that will aid parks in managing their natural resources. While in the field, the intern will primarily assist with the monitoring of vegetation communities ranging from desert scrub to bristlecone pine forests. General duties include: collecting vegetation monitoring data following established protocols; walking long distances over uneven or boulder terrain; hiking up to 12 miles in a day with backpacks that weigh 30+ pounds; conducting quality analysis/quality control (QA/QC) for all data collected, both in the field and in the office; collaborating with MOJN staff in project planning and oversight of field safety and logistics; and equipment organization and maintenance. Specific methods or activities in the field include line point-intercept, basal gap, canopy gap, frequency plots, identifying vegetation to the species level, measuring DBH, measuring tree height, and navigating using mobile devices. This position will require travel and camping during the field season in order collect data for the vegetation protocols. Most camping gear can be provided; this position will primarily “car-camp” at campgrounds or primitive, dispersed sites as opposed to backpacking. Work may require long days of 10+ hours including early mornings, and potentially 8 day field hitches followed by 6 days off. While in the office, general duties will include data entry, data QA/QC, equipment organization, and equipment maintenance. These tasks may involve sitting and looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time.