Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (GB CESU)


The Great Basin is geographically well defined, bounded on the west by the Sierra Nevada range, on the north by the northern edge of southern plains of Idaho, on the east by the Wasatch range of Utah, and on the south by the Mojave desert in southern Utah and Nevada.

The Great Basin Ecosystem Studies Unit (GB CESU) is one of the seventeen CESU Network that provides research, technical assistance, and education to federal land management, environmental and research agencies and their partners.  It serves the biological, physical, social, cultural, and engineering disciplines needed to address natural and cultural resource management issues at multiple scales in the Great Basin ecosystem.  The University of Nevada, Reno is the Host Institution of the GB CESU. It provides leadership and administration support of the GB CESU in conducting a program of research, technical assistance and educational activities in the partnership with the members.

The objectives of the Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (GB CESU) are to:

  1. Facilitate Research and Technical Assistance in Support of Federal Management
  2. Foster Collaboration and Information Sharing
  3. Enhance Natural and Cultural Resources Education
  4. Ensure Operational Effectiveness