Associate Professor


Contact Info

Institution: Brigham Young University

Phone: (801) 422-7316

Address: S389 ESC Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602, US


Research Disciplines

  • Paleoecology

Research Interests

  • Mesozoic stratigraphy & depositional environments
  • Dinosaurs - theropods and sauropods
  • Taphonomy


  • GB CESU P15AC01090 - "Digital and GIS Mapping of Carnegie Quarry at Dinosaur National Monument"
  • GB CESU J8R07080016 - "Paleontological Excavation and Isotopic Dating of the Early Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation of Dinosaur National Monument"


Associate Professor at Brigham Young University's Department of Geological Sciences and its Museum of Paleontology.

Current research focuses on the depositional environment and fauna of the Late Triassic Nugget Sandstone in northeastern Utah and dinosaurs of the Cedar Mountain and Morrison formations.

Consulting involves paleontological clearances for government and industry concerns.



  • Ph.D., University of Calgary
  • M.Sc., Brigham Young University
  • B.Sc., Brigham Young University