Associate Professor


Contact Info

Institution: Utah State University, Senior Partner

Phone: (435) 797-3970

Address: 5230 Old Main Hill, Logan, Utah 84321, US


Research Disciplines

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Restoration Ecology

  • Plant Communities

  • Plant Ecology

  • Rangeland Ecology

  • Grazing Management

  • Livestock and Wildlife interactions

Research Interests

  • native plant restoration
  • restoration islands
  • precision restoration
  • sagebrush rangelands
  • salt desert
  • long-term exclosures
  • monitoring
  • grazing systems
  • post-fire grazing
  • brush management
  • Criollo cattle
  • using herbivores as restoration tools


  • Native grass and forb restoration in salt desert in southern ID, with >60% 2-yr survival of squirreltail and >25% survival of Basin wildrye when planted as seedlings in a high precipitation year
  • Perennial grass response to post-fire grazing management in sagebrush sites across the Intermountain West
  • Assessment of factors governing success of restoration seedings that were part of the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative
  • Pre-emptive restoration of native grasses and forbs from seed vs. seedling in at-risk stands of sagebrush (i.e., before fire)


I am a long-time resident of the western US, having grown up and attended college in Colorado. I received my PhD in ecology from University of California-Davis where I worked on plant-herbivore interactions in Kenya and grassland restoration in California. I was then  a post-doc with the USGS in Corvallis, OR where I primarily investigated monitoring of livestock grazing effects on BLM lands. I joined the faculty at Utah State University in 2011, and a main goal of my research is to find ways to improve management and restoration practices on rangelands that are simultaneously managed for wildlife conservation and livestock production.


  • Ph.D., Ecology, University of California at Davis, 2008. Dissertation: Livestock and wildlife effects on the successional development of a savanna landscape mosaic in East Africa. Advisor: Dr. Truman Young
  • B.A., Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1998. Summa cum Laude. Thesis: Native plant restoration in stands of Eragrostis chloromelas in southeastern Arizona. Advisor: Dr. Jane Bock