Assistant Professor

Contact Info

Institution: University of Nevada, Reno

Phone: (775) 784-6612

Address: 1664 N. Virginia Street Department of Geography, Reno, Nevada 89557, US


Research Disciplines

  • Biological Science

  • Biodiversity

  • Conservation Biology

  • Ecology

  • Physiological Ecology

  • Wildlife Ecology

  • Ecology/Landscape

  • Herpetology

  • Geography

Research Interests

population connectivity, habitat suitability modeling, niche modeling, future scenario modeling


  • Application of UAS to supplement monitoring of threatened and endangered plant species in desert environments
  • Desert Sunlight Tortoise Genetic Connectivity Study


My research explores factors influencing the biology of the plants and animals that may limit their distributions including: the range of acceptable temperatures (and other tolerance related attributes), the thermoregulatory behavior of the species, the locomotory ability of the species at each stage of its existence, shelter requirements, nutritional requirements, etc. This may create limitations when they are constrained within a limited range of existing available habitat. The results of this interaction may be expressed by a reduction of available habitat to habitat that can actually be used by the species. This distinction may be critical when constructing conservation schemes for rare and endangered species. Allocation of habitat may be of no benefit if it is not within the parameters set by the combination of the tolerances of the animal and its interaction with the environment. A basic understanding of each of these may help to better assess useable habitat which can be applied to conservation strategies. I use many GIS-based approaches to model species habitat and conduct spatial analyses in light of these constraints, and with changes in habitat quality, and changes in climate.


  • BS Zoology - Colorado State University
  • PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology - University of Nevada, Reno