Associate Professor

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Contact Info

Institution: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Phone: (702) 774-1445

Address: School of Life Sciences 4505 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-4004, US


Research Disciplines

  • Conservation Ecology

  • Forest Management

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Exotic Species

  • Native Species Conservation

  • Environmental Remediation

Research Interests

The UNLV Conservation Ecology Laboratory develops innovations for conserving and restoring biodiversity, habitats, and natural resources critical to society. We perform research in:

  • Fire ecology and management
  • Ecological restoration to rehabilitate damaged habitats
  • Plant ecology and botany, including relationships between plants and animals
  • Desert ecology and conservation
  • Forest health
  • Wetland conservation and restoration
  • Natural history and biodiversity
  • Climate change adaptation ecology and management
We make great effort to make our science publicly available so that ongoing findings and innovations can be applied to conserve national parks and public lands, be used by non-profits and private companies engaged in conservation activities, and create educational opportunities for students and the public. We involve students, including under-served students, and career-bridge professionals in projects to help with skills and experience building for workforce development in conservation.


We have a 15-year track record of efficiently utilizing available funds to produce science contributing to habitat rehabilitation and conservation, workforce development in natural resources conservation, and stimulating the public’s curiosity in natural history and conservation.  We have published over 130 scientific articles, 50 outreach articles to disseminate the science to a broad audience, and a book titled “Conserving America’s National Parks” synthesizing conservation issues and projects across national parks and offered freely available.

We have the expertise, interests, and support at UNLV to turn new funds into scientific innovations advancing habitat conservation and rehabilitation, workforce development in conservation, and publications and outreach to make the science available.  We welcome discussions for potential project opportunities within our capabilities and expertise for achieving beneficial outcomes.


Scott Abella is an Associate Professor with the School of Life Sciences at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and Founder of Natural Resource Conservation LLC.  Scott’s research areas include restoration ecology, fire ecology, long-term habitat change, and public lands management.  At UNLV, he teaches courses in Restoration Ecology, Plant Ecology, Forest Ecology, and Dryland Ecology and regularly involves early career professionals in research.


  • Northern Arizona University, School of Forestry, Flagstaff, Arizona
    Ph.D. – Forest Science, Restoration Ecology emphasis
    Dissertation: Environmental and vegetational gradients on an Arizona ponderosa pine landscape: implications for ecological restoration.
  • Clemson University, Department of Forest Resources, Clemson, South Carolina
    M.S. – Forest Resources, Experimental Statistics minor
    Thesis: Multifactor classification of forest landscape ecosystems of Jocassee Gorges, southern Appalachian Mountains, South Carolina.
  • Grand Valley State University, Department of Biology, Allendale, Michigan
    B.S. – Natural Resources Management, Chemistry minor
    Thesis: Eastern white pine regeneration and management in Oak Openings Preserve, northwestern Ohio.